12th september 2017

Jonathon Porritt: how can big business be a force for good?

Jonathon Porritt - writer, broadcaster,and commentator on sustainable development - explains how leading global businesses have gradually upped their game in response to a host of converging sustainability challenges.

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27th oktober 2016

The Regenerative Power of Limeflower

Limeflower is renowned for its soothing and relaxing properties. So it’s no coincidence that we use this plant in some of best known teas including Love and Night Time. But did you know, that when you drink these teas you are helping to support efforts to regenerate society in a small corner of the world torn apart by the effects of civil war? Ben Heron, Pukka’s Sustainable Herbs Manager explains.

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20th oktober 2016

Licorice – Queen of Plants

Over the last four years Pukka has been on an incredible journey, investing in plants, people and planet with the FairWild Standard. Since starting with the first FairWild tea, Peppermint and Licorice, in 2012, Pukka’s use of FairWild-certified ingredients has grown to a range of 27 teas today. Bryony Morgan, FairWild’s Executive Officer, shares her perspective on Licorice, “Queen of Plants”.

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31st avgust 2016

How wild is your green tea?

The humble cup of tea has become a ubiquitous part of our lives, but how often do we stop to think about where it comes from? When we do, chances are that our minds conjure up images of neatly manicured tea plantations with leaves being plucked from row upon row of tea bushes. In many cases, this image is not far from the truth. But in a remote corner of Vietnam – the source of our Suoi Gang green tea and Nam Lanh black tea – it is a very different story. Ben Heron, Pukka's Sustainable Herbs Manager explains how green tea can be wild.

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25th avgust 2016

Herbal saviours for a healthy autumn

Autumn is a time for change. We move from the hot, dry heat of summer to the cool and damp climate of autumn. It’s not just the environment that changes; our bodies and minds also react to the change. Katie Pande, Pukka's Herbal Adviser, gives her top tips on what’s good to keep our body and brain glowing during this change of seasons.

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