Image for Trees for Cities, Planting Urban Woodlands

Trees for Cities, Planting Urban Woodlands

Green spaces are incredibly therapeutic for busy city-dwellers, who spend their days trampling congested pavements and inhaling dirty fumes. Not only do they boost mental and physical wellbeing, they also act as brilliant community hubs where residents can gather for events, to catch-up with friends, or participate in sports.

Trees for Cities is a charity committed to greening urban spaces. It operates a range of projects such as planting street trees, urban orchards and urban woodlands and teaching school children how to grow fruit and vegetables in their playground.

The charity is currently raising funds for an urban woodland in Ealing, west London, where it plans to plant 8,000 saplings to connect existing ancient woodland in areas where trees were felled prior to the mid-1800s. The project will reclaim these areas, extending the footprint of the woodland and restoring the habitat to provide a haven for wildlife.

The project is part of a natural regeneration of Horsenden Hill and the local area, complimenting plans to establish a woodland social enterprise, wildlife trails, community orchards and allotments. It will provide a peaceful pocket of the natural world where people can re-connect with the great outdoors, relax, socialize, exercise and enjoy nature.

Trees for Cities is currently completing its community consultation on the project, asking local residents what they would like to see included. Once this is finished, planting will kick-off with the help of volunteers later in the year!